Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ich-wo hit a homerun!

Well, Wednesday night we were sitting around watching the Mariners game and I said to Mike that he and my dad should take Analise and James to a Mariners game while my dad is here. Mike thought they were going to be on the road but then we saw that the game on Thursday (Mike's day off) was in Seattle in the afternoon even. And they were playing the Padres. Oh, it was on. So, James got to go to his first Mariners game. Woo hoo! They got some cheap seats in the center field bleachers and my dad showed James how to hold out his hat to catch a fly ball. After that, he took his hat off and held it out every time the batter was going to hit. I hear he totally entertained everyone on the very crowded ferry (they had to sit on the floor) on the way back to Bremerton. I picked them up from the ferry and after I buckled him in, I asked James how the game was. He was still in yelling mode from being at the game and yelled, "Ich-wo hit a homerun!" He was so excited. "And Papa get me wic-wish!" (translation: licorice a.k.a. red vines.) Most of the time we're laughing because of the funny things James does. But sometimes, he makes us smile just 'cause he's a fun kid, too.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rain and Lollipops

The first story is the J&JFSW (Jake & James Funny Story of the Week). My mom and dad flew into Portland on Wednesday, so I drove down with the kids Friday morning to go hang out at Russ and Emily's for the day and bring them back with us. Jenn and Nathan came over, too, so we decided to all walk to the park. It looked like it might start raining, but we went anyway. By the time we got to the park, a torrential downpour ensued. Most of us took shelter under the bathroom overhang while Russ ran home with the dogs to get the van and pick us up. Not Jake and James, though. They were completely undeterred and continued to play soccer in the pouring rain. Russ came back with his van (no seats) and we all piled in. Jake and James were soaked down to their underwear and socks and Jake said, "That was awesome!" I kind of thought it sucked so I was glad that at least the boys had fun. Definitely unforgettable.

And here's the second story. Today at primary, the kids got these tootsie pop boutineers to give to their dads. When I put James in the car, he showed me his and said, "Wook Mom." I said, "Yeah, that's for Daddy, so don't eat it." Then James said, "He wants a share it wit me," and proceeded to unwrap it and eat it. Pure and classic James. I'm pretty sure Mike appreciated the story more than he would he would have enjoyed the tootsie pop.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Water Fight

Tonight we went to Mike's parents' house as usual for dinner. The kids decided to go play outside. After about 10-15 minutes of fairly uneventful playing, the girls ran in to tell me that James had the hose. I looked outside and sure enough, James had the hose (with the high pressure sprayer attachment) and was hosing down everything in sight, including Simon. I stepped out onto the deck and yelled to him to stop. Then, with a maniacal laugh, he turned the hose on me! I quickly went back in and he kept spraying right through the screen door, soaking me and the breakfast nook. "That's it!" I thought to myself and I ran outside, turned off the water, grabbed James and the hose, dragged him back with me, turned the water back on and hosed him down. He started crying and amidst the sobs he said, "I no wike a be all wet." "Neither do I and neither does Simon," I told him. I'm sure he saw the subsequent time out coming, but I think he was pretty surprised that I turned the hose on him first. Simon thought it was hilarious, though. He didn't even care anymore that he was all wet. He just kept laughing and saying, "Lismarie sprayed James with the hose!" All's fair in love and water fights, right?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Big Dip

My friend, Melanie, drives the afternoon leg of our carpool and picks up Analise from school most days. She was over at our house in the early afternoon this week with her two younger kids and her daughter, Natalie wanted to stay and play with Genevieve while she went to pick up the kids from school. James said, "Mel-nie, I wanna go wit you." Melanie had room in her van for him, since Natalie was staying, and said, "Sure," so off they went. Melanie's 7-year-old son, Dominic, is a bit of a funny guy like James and the two of them were sitting next to eachother in the van, generally amusing eachother and cracking up. On the way home there is a road with a substantial hill/dip. Dominic said, "Hey James! Here comes the big dip!" James: "Yeah, the big dick!" Dominic: "No, James. Not dick. Di-puh. The big dip." James: "Yeah, the big dick." And back and forth they went. Neither of them realizing at all what they were saying. Ha ha ha.