Sunday, February 22, 2009

Patrick's a Boy

James has some trouble with his pronouns and keeps saying, “I wan hold her,” when referring to Patrick. Then we say, “Him. You want to hold him.” Then James says, “It’s not him.” We say, “Yes, him. Patrick is a boy.” James: “It’s not a boy!” Us: “Is Patrick a girl?” James: “No, it’s not a girl. It’s baby Patrick.” We’ve been round and round with him on this one several times this week. Then today I said, “Patrick is a boy. He has a pee pee like yours. That’s why he’s a boy.” The light bulb went off and James said, “Ooohhh. Patrick’s a boy wike me.”

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ketchup Cake

Well, Genevieve’s birthday is coming up on Wednesday, so we celebrated tonight at Sunday dinner with all the Nylands. Genevieve requested a “Littlest Pet Shop” cake. (Littlest Pet Shop is a genre of toys like My Little Pony or Polly Pockets or Barbie). Anyway, James has been known to enjoy playing Littlest Pet Shop on occasion, but he can’t say it right. He calls them widdowiss ketchup or just ketchup for short. So, he was really excited about the cake and kept saying, “I wan da ketchup cake!” I wonder what an actual ketchup cake would taste like.

Last week sometime, James was pointing to my belly button (which has completely popped out now) and said, “At’s baby Patrick.” He has said that before so I tried to explain to him that that was my belly button and that baby Patrick was inside my belly. But, he just kept pointing to my belly button and saying, “No, at’s baby Patrick.” Since we’re getting really close to baby Patrick being born, I was really wanting James to have a better understanding of what was going on. So, I found a short illustrated video clip on the internet that showed the pregnant mom and then a cross section so you could see the baby inside. I think a light bulb went off for James at that moment ‘cause he said, “Ohhhh, baby Patrick INSIDE mommy’s bewwy.” Now he wants to watch that video clip on the internet several times a day and keeps asking to see baby Patrick on the ‘puter.

Okay, so one more. James is completely wii obsessed. He has actually gotten really good at wii bowling and consistently bowls about a 200. Anyway, he also really likes to be other people’s mii’s. His favorite last week was his buddy Gabe. But then, one time, he said, “I wan be James. I wike him.” Ha ha. What a funny kid.