Monday, March 30, 2009

My wegs 'r cold

We were going to go out to eat yesterday and James had on shorts and his rash guard. So I said, “James, do you want some pants so your legs won’t be cold?” “No,” “Do you want some socks with your crocs?” “No, I’n okay, I’n okay.” When we got to Los Cabos, Russ got James out of the car for me and James said, “My wegs ‘r cold.” The funny part was that he wasn’t complaining that his legs were cold, just making a general observation that his legs were cold.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I no wanna miss him

Yesterday we were out and about and James wanted to go see Gramma, so I called Jerry and Linda’s house and there was no answer. I told James that I didn’t think Gramma was home because no one answered the phone. He said, “It’s okay. Gramma’s takin’ a shower. We go Gramma’s house.” We were pretty close, so I went ahead and drove over there. He still didn’t believe that Gramma wasn’t home until we called her cell phone and he talked to her after no one answered the door. We ended up meeting them at Costco so James could see them. So, no worries, everything ended happy.

This isn’t a funny story but, earlier last week, out of nowhere, James said, “Where’s Papa Dean an Gramma Weesa?” I told him they were in Hawaii at their house. Then he said, “In Awahi? I need go Azil an see Nate. I miss him. I no wanna miss him.” That broke my heart just a little bit.

Monday, March 16, 2009


On Thursday evening, the girls were getting ready for swimming lessons. James ran back to his room and came out a few minutes later wearing his swim trunks and a pair of kid-size, play, safety goggles and said, “I’n ready a swimming wessons. I got my goggles!” I guess James is trying to tell us it’s time to sign him up for swimming lessons, too.

Monday, March 9, 2009


James came over to Mike and me (I was holding Patrick) on the couch and said in a deep little boy voice, “Hi Dad. Hi Mom.” Then he got all smiley and high pitched and said with a lilt, “Hi-ee Patrick.” He’s a very proud big brother. Everywhere we go he tells people, “At’s my brudder.”