Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turkey vs. Brazil

James was being his usual self today and at one point I said, "James, you're a turkey," to which he replied, "No, I'n a Brazil." Clever boy.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Fish Out of Water

James has been thoroughly enjoying his sister-free time here in Hawaii. Especially, the fact that he has Papa and Gramma all to himself. What more could a 3-year-old boy want in life really. It has been kind of stormy since we got here, so James has resorted to non-beach entertainment. Papa showed him how to use the snorkel and mask in the hot tub and he was such a fan that he has been snorkeling indoors as well. Other non-beach related activities have included unrolling all of the toilet paper into the toilet and flushing, locking the bathroom door and then closing it from the outside (I got to climb in the window to get the door unlocked), and spraying air freshener all over the bathroom floor and his bare chest. (He got a bath in the laundry sink after that one.) And when he finds a bit of time between bathroom antics, he has been laying on, standing on, and squeezing 9-month-old Patrick. It's not in a malicious way so much as James seems to think that Patrick is big enough to hold his own and wrestle with him now.

Also, we went to McDonald's to get a Nerf gun Happy Meal. I'm so not the kind of mom I thought I would be . . . but . . . James is so not the kid I was expecting. I guess we all adapt.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Turkey the Country and Turkey the Boy

James and I were looking at the globe earlier this week. First, we found the United States and then Brazil. Then, James turned the globe and pointed. "What's dat, Mom?" Me: "That's Turkey." James: "Turkey??? I nee a go dare!" Me: "Yeah, 'cause you're a turkey."

The next day, when I picked James up from school, Mrs. Marsh was already laughing when she was putting him in the car. And knowing that James has been really into continent work at school, I totally saw it coming. She said James was looking at a map, pointed near Asia and said, "I'n goin' dare." Mrs. Marsh, "Oh, you're going to Asia?" James: "No, Turkey. My Mom's sending me dare 'cause I'n a turkey."

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Orange spider web witch hat? Check.
Spider man unisuit? Check.
Fireman boots? Check.
James, are you ready for Halloween? Oh yes.

During trick-or-treating while we were walking between houses James said, "I LOOOOVE this!"

I think this was one of my favorite Halloweens. The weather was perfect. The moon was full. There were leaves everywhere. And c'mon, James' costume was just short of perfection.