Monday, November 9, 2009

Turkey the Country and Turkey the Boy

James and I were looking at the globe earlier this week. First, we found the United States and then Brazil. Then, James turned the globe and pointed. "What's dat, Mom?" Me: "That's Turkey." James: "Turkey??? I nee a go dare!" Me: "Yeah, 'cause you're a turkey."

The next day, when I picked James up from school, Mrs. Marsh was already laughing when she was putting him in the car. And knowing that James has been really into continent work at school, I totally saw it coming. She said James was looking at a map, pointed near Asia and said, "I'n goin' dare." Mrs. Marsh, "Oh, you're going to Asia?" James: "No, Turkey. My Mom's sending me dare 'cause I'n a turkey."


  1. That's funny! Very clever James. HAHAA

  2. Yes James, I believe you'd do very well in Turkey...