Monday, November 10, 2008

Beach Week

On Wednesday morning James and I were at home hanging out. I was cleaning and he was playing. He took all his clothes off (but not his diaper this time) and brought me his swim trunks. He said, “Help pwease,” so I helped him put them on. After a little while it was time to go get Genevieve from school, so I tried to put some warmer clothes on James. “No, I’n goin da beach,” was his reply. We really needed to leave, so I said, “Okay,” and grabbed some clothes to throw in the car for the errands we were going to do after picking up Genevieve. When we got to Genevieve’s school, her teacher, Mrs. Avery, opened the car door for Genevieve to get in. Genevieve shrieked and said, “James, you’re naked!” “No, I’n goin da beach,” he said. Then, he said, “Hi Mrs. Avery. I’n goin da beach.” She told him to have fun at the beach and he said, “Okay, I’n goin da beach!” It was pretty great. Genevieve and I had a good laugh in the car after that.

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