Sunday, September 20, 2009

Funny Prayer

When I picked James up from school on Friday, I asked his teacher how he was doing. I have been understandably apprehensive about him being at school. What with the running, and dumping of toys, and potty inconsistency, and well . . . the general craziness that accompanies James everywhere he goes. So, Mrs. Marsh said, "Well, every day he gets a little bit better. " Which is code for he can't get much worse. Earlier in the week, she said, "Wow, he is nothing like his sisters. I didn't know a Nyland child could have so much energy!" Yeah, that one is code for he's totally out of control. Anyway, they had their first group snack on Friday and James didn't get the memo that you're supposed to wait for the food to get passed out to everyone and then say a rhyme before you start eating. He had all his grapes in his mouth while everyone else sat patiently. On the way home in the car, I asked him how group snack was. He was very eager to tell me all about it. "We had peanut butter crackers! They're so yummy! I wike dem berry much!" Then he paused a moment and said, "Mom, they said a funny prayer."

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  1. What kind of heathen preschool is James going to?