Friday, March 12, 2010

Nice Fingers

So, the reason I have been so behind on posting James funny stories as of late, is because last week James was throwing up for three days, followed by four days of the runs. Patrick started last week with the runs (which has continued) and then started throwing up on Tuesday (this has also continued). Analise had a brief stint with the puking in the middle of the night on Wednesday. James and Analise are better. Patrick is not. Genevieve seems to have miraculously avoided it (so far). And I am still trying to catch up on our regular laundry, since the washer and dryer have been in a continuous state of emergency laundering for two weeks now. Oh, and the baths! Our water bill is going to be scary this month.

Anyway, several days of the runs will give a kid a sore bottom. I had been putting vaseline on the affected area for James after his many baths everyday. One night, I was gone and Mike gave James a bath. When he got out he asked Mike to put some "medicine" on his ouchy bottom. So, Mike rubbed some vaseline on him. Then James said, "Mommy's fingers are nicer."

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