Friday, April 16, 2010

The Green General Fit

Gramma and Grampa babysat for us tonight while we went out to a movie sans children.
On the way home James asked: "Mom, what's the green general fit called?"
I asked him to repeat his question thinking that I must have misheard him, but his question was the same, "What's the green general fit called?"
Further investigation was needed. James is currently completely obsessed with everything Star Wars, so I started there. I asked, "Is it on Star Wars?"
James: "Yeh-ess!" (Translation: Duh!)
Me: "Is it on your game or on the movie?"
James: "The movie!" (Tone: Duh!)
Me: "I think you need to ask Daddy, "cause I don't know."
James: "Dad, what's the green general fit called?"
Mike: "Uhhh . . ."
Me: "Jango Phet?"
Mike: "Ohhh . . ."
James: "Yeah, but the green one."
Mike: "You mean Bobo Phet."
James: "Yes! He gets in the big mouth and it eats him!"

What did you talk about the last time you were driving home?

(This conversation reminded me of our friends' son who used to call General Grievous, Jennifer Grievous. Maybe General Fit and Jennifer Grievous should get together.)

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  1. Ooooh, a movie SANS KIDS! Congratulations! (PS - I think it's amazing you could interpret that...)