Monday, January 17, 2011


Last Monday, I decided to buy the 60 pack of Kirkland Signature eggo knockoffs at Costco. I just bought another box today. James has been eating no less than six waffles a day. WOAH! He must be growing. I'm just glad he's eating. He has to make them himself, though. When I made him one, he said, "Is it crispy? Mom, it's not crispy, yet. Oh, I'll just put it back in the toaster myself. I like it really crispy!"

In addition to eating waffles, he also enjoys entertaining his friend by preparing and serving waffles to them. So, if you visit our house in the near future, be prepared to be offered some delicious frozen toaster waffles. I guarantee our house will smell of waffles, so you may not be able to resist.

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