Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Anger Management

James has taken to yelling at everyone as his main form of communication this week and concentrates most of the yelling at Genevieve. So, anyway, I decided to take Genevieve and James to McDonald’s for lunch on Thursday, mostly as a reward for Genevieve because she was really brave getting eye drops at the eye doctor. So, James and I went to pick up Genevieve at school and as soon as she got in the car he yelled, “I’n gi’in fre fries Ge’vieve!” You would have thought Genevieve had wronged him in some way or told him that he was not getting french fries the way he told her off. Another favorite angry phrase is, “I’n doin’ a puzzle Mama!” Basically, he’s been randomly yelling at everyone about nothing in particular.

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