Sunday, April 5, 2009

2-year-old tricks

Well, James did a lot of not so funny things this week. I guess we were spending too much time at home during spring break and he decided to pull out some of his old 2-year-old tricks; his favorite being unrolling an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet and then flushing. Lucky for me, our toilet takes so long to refill that I caught him every time before he could flush it a second time and overflow the toilet. There seemed to be a bathroom theme because he also smeared toothpaste all over the top of the toilet seat and the vanity and then tried to “clean it up” with a baby wipe. And, he did a little redecorating in my bathroom with my mascara. The funny part of all this was that every time he came and told me, “I did that.” What else . . . hmmm . . . oh, this one is pretty much just funny. I put James on time out after the mascara thing. I was pretty mad that he was into all my stuff. When I put him in his bed I could smell that he had slathered on a fair amount of my mango lotion. Then he sobbed, “I nee a ba ba.” I just said, “Uh, no.” Then he kind of coughed like he was trying to clear his throat a couple of times. “Did you eat lotion?” I asked. He just said, “Yes,” and then, “I nee a ba ba.” I said, “No,” again. He hasn’t eaten lotion again.

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