Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pocket-bowl for Breakfast

I'm drawing a blank on any stand alone stories for this week. There was really just a string of mildly amusing moments all week.

It been really hot this week and James has been eating popsicles for breakfast. Seriously, he gets up, walks down the hall and while still groggy eyed, says, "I nee a pocket-bowl." So, then he sits on the deck in his jammies and starts the day with a popsicle. I think he might be on to something.

While wii bowling with James: "I'n beating you, Mom." And, "I got a pro ball. You don't got a pro ball." And, "Not wike dat, Mom," after I didn't pick up the spare. "Do it wike dis," then James threw a strike. A turkey no less. Yes, we all know that James is an infinitely better wii bowler than I am. And, yes, I repeatedly get my butt kicked by a 3-year-old. And, yes, he likes to rub it in. But, just remember James, I'm the one who's tall enough to reach the wii to turn it on.

James got the hose again at Gramma's house today. But he was all about equal opportunity this time and sprayed himself along with Simon. Then, they came in the house and James announced in a Ta Da sort of way, "We're wet!" He was so proud.

There was a fair amount of skinny dipping again this week. The boy has no shame. I brought out his swim trunks and told him to put them on and he said, "Oooh. My swim trunks? I wear my swim trunks a swimmin'?" A novel concept, I know.

Also, everything was all about Aunt Jen this week. Everytime he saw their car, "It's Jen!" Everytime he thought about Jen, "Mom, Jen's gonna pick me up?" Me: "No, not right now." James: "YES, she is!! Jen's gonna pick me up." Then one time I said, "You love Jen, don't you?" and James looked down with his shy smile and nodded a few times. He's a sucker for that Aunt Jen. Even after she had to put him on time out several times for the repeat offense of sand throwing at the beach (see The third time he got a time out, he just said, "Oh, man," and went and sat down. At least the boy knows when he's beat. Jen's definitely a pack leader. And she totally rocks for taking the girls and James to the beach with them on Monday. Not just anyone volunteers to take James off my hands for an entire afternnoon. And when I say, not just anyone, I mean not anyone. Thanks Jen.

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