Sunday, July 12, 2009

Trains, tracks, and missing you

Today, James climbed up onto my lap and said to me, "I wan go on da train." Me: "You want to go on the train?" James: "Yeah, da train!" Me: "Where do you want to go on the train?" He thought for a few seconds and answered, "Uhhh . . . on da ter-racks!"

On Friday, James was looking a little pathetic said, "Mom, you sad." Me: "Why am I sad?" James: "You miss Nate." Me: "Yes, I miss Nate." James: "Mom, I'n sad." Me: "Why are you sad?" James: "I miss Nate, too." James: "Mom, Papa's not sad. Gramma's not sad. They go Azil uh see Nate." James realizes all too well that everyone's happiness hinges on their proximity to Nate. And, he's a little jealous that Gramma and Papa are in Brazil right now.

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