Saturday, July 25, 2009

Whaling Days Parade

Just as Analise and I were on our way out the door this morning, James insisted he join us in the Whaling Days parade. (This is the third year that we have been in it with our Montessori group.) He came last year, but in the stroller. This year he said he could walk. So, we rushed out. We parked in the Target parking lot and started to make our way through all the other parade entries. James really liked these cars. He's a Pixar nut.

I was busy taking pictures while Analise was busy NOT holding James' hand and he bit it on the sidewalk. (Okay, so in all fairness, she did hold his hand for a brief moment. At least there's photographic evidence of it.) Lucky for us, there were EMT's on bikes and we scored some free band-aids. ('Cause I am not a prepared mother and I never have band -aids in my purse.)

We were in line (in the HOT sun) waiting for about 45 minutes and by the time the parade actually started, James was melting. "I nee a drink, Mom." (Remember how I'm not prepared? Yeah, I didn't have any water.) James, pointing at Arby's: "Right dare, Mom. Dare's drink right dare, Mom." (Nevermind that we were on the parade route by then.) Me: "I know it's hot. We just have to finish the parade, it's not very long, and then we'll get a drink." Yeah, the parade really isn't that long, but the walk back IS and up a hill. Well, we finally made it back to the Target parking lot and went inside to get Icees. We usually get a small icee and a popcorn to share when we go to Target. Oh, no. Not today. We got three LARGE icees, hold the popcorn. James, when he saw the size of the cup: "You get me a big one, Mom? Oh, ho! It's a bigger, BIGGER one! I nee blueberry, Mom!" I know you do, James. How else does one procure a blue tongue?

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  1. Who carries band-aids with them!?! I don't have room in my purse for that (did I tell you I've narrowed myself down from a Diaper Bag to a Purse finally? Hallelujah. I don't give precious purse real estate to band-aids.) You win the "Good Mom" award for knowing J needed a LARGE BLUE ICEE. Way to go!