Wednesday, December 23, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I went to pick up James from his class at church.
Me: "How was class James?"
James: "We had lick-lish!"
(James loves red vines and was understandably excited.)
Me: "You did?"
James: "Yeah! I was rev'rent for my lick-lish! Gabe wasn't rev'rent for his lick-lish. The teacher just cut it a lot of times and eat it."
The teacher had red vine ropes for each child and if they were misbehaving she would cut a piece off and eat it. At the end of class, each child got what was left of their red vine rope.

The next week when I went to get James, he came out with his head hanging low and said, "I wasn't rev'rent for my lick-lish. She cut it one time and eat it."