Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Big Dip

My friend, Melanie, drives the afternoon leg of our carpool and picks up Analise from school most days. She was over at our house in the early afternoon this week with her two younger kids and her daughter, Natalie wanted to stay and play with Genevieve while she went to pick up the kids from school. James said, "Mel-nie, I wanna go wit you." Melanie had room in her van for him, since Natalie was staying, and said, "Sure," so off they went. Melanie's 7-year-old son, Dominic, is a bit of a funny guy like James and the two of them were sitting next to eachother in the van, generally amusing eachother and cracking up. On the way home there is a road with a substantial hill/dip. Dominic said, "Hey James! Here comes the big dip!" James: "Yeah, the big dick!" Dominic: "No, James. Not dick. Di-puh. The big dip." James: "Yeah, the big dick." And back and forth they went. Neither of them realizing at all what they were saying. Ha ha ha.

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