Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ich-wo hit a homerun!

Well, Wednesday night we were sitting around watching the Mariners game and I said to Mike that he and my dad should take Analise and James to a Mariners game while my dad is here. Mike thought they were going to be on the road but then we saw that the game on Thursday (Mike's day off) was in Seattle in the afternoon even. And they were playing the Padres. Oh, it was on. So, James got to go to his first Mariners game. Woo hoo! They got some cheap seats in the center field bleachers and my dad showed James how to hold out his hat to catch a fly ball. After that, he took his hat off and held it out every time the batter was going to hit. I hear he totally entertained everyone on the very crowded ferry (they had to sit on the floor) on the way back to Bremerton. I picked them up from the ferry and after I buckled him in, I asked James how the game was. He was still in yelling mode from being at the game and yelled, "Ich-wo hit a homerun!" He was so excited. "And Papa get me wic-wish!" (translation: licorice a.k.a. red vines.) Most of the time we're laughing because of the funny things James does. But sometimes, he makes us smile just 'cause he's a fun kid, too.

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