Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rain and Lollipops

The first story is the J&JFSW (Jake & James Funny Story of the Week). My mom and dad flew into Portland on Wednesday, so I drove down with the kids Friday morning to go hang out at Russ and Emily's for the day and bring them back with us. Jenn and Nathan came over, too, so we decided to all walk to the park. It looked like it might start raining, but we went anyway. By the time we got to the park, a torrential downpour ensued. Most of us took shelter under the bathroom overhang while Russ ran home with the dogs to get the van and pick us up. Not Jake and James, though. They were completely undeterred and continued to play soccer in the pouring rain. Russ came back with his van (no seats) and we all piled in. Jake and James were soaked down to their underwear and socks and Jake said, "That was awesome!" I kind of thought it sucked so I was glad that at least the boys had fun. Definitely unforgettable.

And here's the second story. Today at primary, the kids got these tootsie pop boutineers to give to their dads. When I put James in the car, he showed me his and said, "Wook Mom." I said, "Yeah, that's for Daddy, so don't eat it." Then James said, "He wants a share it wit me," and proceeded to unwrap it and eat it. Pure and classic James. I'm pretty sure Mike appreciated the story more than he would he would have enjoyed the tootsie pop.

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